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SaponiQx is a cutting edge bio-pharmaceutical company with a vision of protecting the health of populations worldwide. We seek to enable the development of safe and effective vaccines through the expansion of access to saponin based adjuvants.

QS-21 STIMULON™: a proven adjuvant

SaponiQx’s proprietary saponin QS-21 STIMULON is a crucial component of the adjuvant in GSK’s FDA-approved Shingrix vaccine


Helps elicit a more powerful immune response for greater protection


Provides longer lasting protection through a high quality immune response


Conserving antigen using an adjuvant can dramatically reduce total vaccine cost

What are

Vaccine adjuvants?

About SaponiQx

Superior Efficacy

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Superior Duration

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SaponiQx was created around a compelling capability...

…the ability to sustainably manufacture the proven saponin adjuvant QS-21 STIMULONTM at commercial scale using cell culture instead of its limited natural source, Chilean tree bark.

SaponiQx's streamlined manufacturing process replaces a complex, risky, and expensive supply chain

Multiple facilities and countries; > 15 steps

Current Manufacturing Process

(Bark Extract)


One site; > 7 steps

Manufacturing Process

(Cell Extract)

Acceleration through partnerships

While we retain ownership in the majority of our programs, we have accelerated the development of select programs through partnerships with industry leaders. These partnerships generate capital to further support our pipeline development, and many offer optionality for future participation in development and commercialization.

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