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SaponiQx is a cutting edge bio-pharmaceutical company with a vision of protecting the health of populations worldwide. We seek to enable the development of safe and effective vaccines through the expansion of access to saponin based adjuvants.

STIMULON™ QS-21: a proven adjuvant

SaponiQx’s proprietary saponin STIMULON QS-21 is a crucial component of the adjuvant in GSK’s FDA-approved Shingrix vaccine

SaponiQx is the only supplier of cultured plant cell QS-21


Helps elicit a more powerful immune response for greater protection


Provides longer lasting protection through a high quality immune response


Conserving antigen using an adjuvant can dramatically reduce total vaccine cost

What are

Vaccine adjuvants?

About SaponiQx

Superior Efficacy

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SaponiQx was created around a compelling capability...

…the ability to sustainably manufacture the proven saponin adjuvant QS-21 STIMULONTM at commercial scale using cell culture instead of its limited natural source, Chilean tree bark.

SaponiQx's streamlined manufacturing process replaces a complex, risky, and expensive supply chain

Multiple facilities and countries; > 15 steps

Current Manufacturing Process

(Bark Extract)


One site; > 7 steps

Manufacturing Process

(Cell Extract)

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